Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mia Tui, New Ava Review & Discount Code

Ideal Bag:
In searching for a bag I wanted one that had the following features...functional, size, style...not that many requirements right? I thought. I’m typically a coach girl. I have a pretty large collection of totes, purses and wallets, however, with coach, due to the material, you have to keep your eye on the wear and tear. What I desired was a bag that would fit perfectly into my life style and I didn’t have to sacrifice any of my criteria to achieve.

Finding Mia Tui:
After I exhausted my go to coach, and really not wanting to spend hundreds (literally, it would have been around 800 to get what I really wanted, or thought I wanted) if I purchased from that provider, I went to my usual suspects ebags, craigslist, ebay, etc. not finding what I was looking for, I did a google search for a "functional, organizing, tote" and on a whim and a prayer I discovered "Mia Tui" through a review blog. The review had a picture of a bag and then all of this "stuff" beside it. The stuff contained some of the daily things I’m required to have: tablet/laptop, phones, water, keys, makeup, chargers, for sure this bag would be too heavy to actually carry right?...keep reading

Researching Mia Tui:
The site that this blog lead me to (, had actual videos showing the functionality of the collection. What, a video that shows a real person, showing real things, fitting nicely into one bag....and to top it off, organization too? Say it ain't so! Tell me my search was finally was, keep reading.
Once I found the website I was obsessed and went through each and every description, review, interview I could find (I should tell Oprah about this). Now, before I purchase anything, I try to take advantage of any discounts available, and this lead me to follow, and tweet Mia Tui, follow both pages on facebook and send a contact email from the website. To my surprise, I ended up speaking with the company owner and building a great rapport (at least, I think so...she may think I'm a pest). The owner and developer of Mia Tui was just like me I came to learn. Frustrated with the current availability of functional bags and all lacking organization that will make finding that ringing phone during a meeting easy! I struggled with having everything I needed for a day at the office, then, kids and then evening in one convenient, yet cute, bag. I have found all of this in my Mia Tui, Ava. Thank you.

The Delivery:
I was excited to order my Ava after a few communications with the owner, and I submitted my order on a Saturday. Immediately I received email confirmation of my order. That Monday, I was sent a communication stating my bag had been shipped out. Now, being an international company I anticipated my bag would arrive in about two weeks. Much to my surprise, my bag arrived in 4 days! Unheard of, are you kidding me! I ripped into the box as soon as I had it in my hands and after transferring my current purse contents into my Ava, I marveled at the room that remained!

Water Proof:
I always have a cup or bottle of water with me, you can imagine my enthusiasm to read, during my research, that these bag contain bottle holders! In the Ava, I use one for my water, and the other for my work blackberry, ear piece and business card holder. I digress. In day two of having my Ava, I had an internal spill. Thankfully it was water...and the notepad I had in the main compartment did suffer just a tad, but other than that, I was good to go. Yes, it is water proof, inside and out!

So far so good. The craftsmanship is excellent. The strap handles are built to last. Enforced stitching is seen everywhere, which leads me to believe, I will be using "this" Ava for years to come. I was a little concerned about the outward material. Would it hold a torch to my usual coach leather? To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The material is more durable and will allow me to be more carefree when using this bag instead of worrying about it every time I set it down, bumped into a wall, got water on it, etc. the inside material, I opted for the pink lining, is also great. The mere fact that its pink, should excite you, but also realize it has a function in the coloring. I can see! It really is a black hole in most bags. Leaving you to rely on touch vs. sight when trying to find items. The simple fact that everything...and I do mean everything, has its place is phenomenal. I can even tell my 5 year old exactly where something is, instead of her rummaging to find. Additionally, I would like to think that the construction of the bag creates equilibrium of weight distribution. In bags, where I have carried far less "things", don't even think about putting a tablet in it, are so heavy on my shoulder that I find myself getting a shopping cart just so I don't have to carry the purse on my aching shoulder.

Spreading the word:
Because I love my bag so much, I am promoting this young company. I wish success to that of Spanx and many others that make a great product has great marketing and the desire to stand behind their product. The Mia Tui brand has become a staple in my life and I will grow my collection in the months/years to come.

What’s in my Ava?
*Tablet, 10"screen (fits in the larger pocket, supported so it doesn’t weigh your shoulder down)
*2, hard back writing tablets
*1" binder, full of materials
*1, folder (wide enough to not bend the corners, yay)
*1, hard bound book
*thermal cup (gota have my water)
*wallet, (inside my wristlet for quick, grab and go shopping)
*business card holder
*clear bag, includes lip gloss, lotion, aspirin, mascara, another headset
*smart phone
*2, pens in the pen holder!
*name badge
*thumb drive.
Discount Code:
If you decide that you too, can't live without a Mia Tui bag in your collection, the wonderful owner has a discount code just for you! Please use "MT2012" at check out and receive 10% off your order! Whoo!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Uniquely U boutique on "Bethenny Ever After"

Check out "Bethenny Ever After" on Bravo tonight!!

We just got word that Uniquely U boutique hairbows will be featured on the show (lunch scene) and the website ( in the show and tell section. Check us out!!

Big thanks to - that made all of this happen!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wholesale with Uniquely U boutique's been a LOONNNGG time, but I recently had a customer find me through the blog, so I know I should update it more often.

I would like to remind you that UUb does have a wholesale option. We recently just finished an order for based out of Texas! We are so grateful to all of our customers and to our wholesalers for carrying the UUb line. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pay it Forward Boutique GiveAWay!

Please join in the fun! Jump over to UUb's facebook page for additional details and to "LIKE" our circle of participating boutiques! Such cute stuff...and such a GREAT charity.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Name Plaques

Due to the endless options available when creating these, I can not think of a practical way to list these name plaques (can also be bow keepers - with the addition of ribbon) on the website.

So, just know, these are available - and we can talk through email to get the perfect combination started.

Here are a few I've completed.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New! Winged Butterfly Hair Bows

New! Winged Butterfly Clips - Hair Bows

I think these are so darling! They are made out of 1'' or larger ribbon - completely customized by you. Pick the body color and wing color and create your very own.

Available HERE at

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Newly Improved - Cupcake Hair Bows!

I would like to thank my customer for requesting a larger cupcake hair bow - it turned out so well, it is now the newest addition to the store (

I've made three today and I just love them, because each one is a piece of art - and no two will be exactly alike!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Agoo Leggings! Special Discount Coupon

Special Discount Code for Uniquely U boutique Blog Readers!!!

The leggings are for ages 0 to any age. You can wear them on your legs and have them stretch and on your arms. Because of the bamboo there is a lot of give, and stretch, or you can crunch them up for tiny babies.

Rules: You can buy as many as you want but only the first is 1 cent plus standard shipping fee ( ).
Coupon Code good for the first 25 readers only!!

Code: “1centleg9” This is a onetime use coupon, and can't be used with any other coupon

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Love FALL!

We've been slacking on updating the blog, but have been keeping up with our facebook page. Join and become a fan!

We have added a SALES SECTION to our page. These are the exact same quality of bows - we're just offering them at a discounted price. Most of these are limited additions, so if you like any of them, snatch them up while they are still available.

We have also added new "mini cheer" bows! These are for the little tots and would be perfect for a halloween costum as a cheerleader. You can check them out here: MINI CHEER

We are so excited to introduce these bows! They truly are a labor of love and we went through a few protypes before bringing them out for our customers. CUPCAKE HAIR BOWS! Super excited about these. Additional color option may become available soon!

Enjoy the Fall weather - we sure are!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Cheer Bow Pictures

Squads of 10 or more always get a discounted rate. Contact us for details '"

Uniquely U boutique is the place to get your discounted cheer bows for the upcoming sport seasons!